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Hello! 👋 Here's a little about me -

My first name is 'Pranava' which means cosmic music in Sanskrit but most people call me by my surname.


I am a digital product designer. So I end up drawing a lot of rectangles every day. 👩🏻‍💻
I think circles are squares with extreme rounded corners.


I was born and raised in Bangalore, India. I'm currently based in London.


I have over 5+ years of work experience. I previously worked at Microsoft and Adobe. I currently work at Intercom in the Channels team, designing for better email experiences.


I graduated from NIFT with a bachelor's degree in Textile Design, and from IIT with a master's in Interaction Design.  


Over the years, I may have developed a profound interest in designing for conversational products. 💬

I also love building processes that support scalable solutions.

But, more than anything I love people and, I thrive in inclusive teams & collaborative environments.


Guy Delisle, Luke Wroblewski, Aarron Walter, Jared Spool, Liz Fosslien and Jake Knapp are some artists and designers who inspire me a lot.


I like to make fantastical art with a lot of colours and black outlines. I also paint every now and then. But overall, a very moody artist.

Here's some recent art


I like to travel. I have been in over ~120 cities. I love hiking, cycling, running, swimming, yoga and everything that gives me a good dopamine rush. And have I told you how much I love alpacas? 🦙

View pictures of my vagabonding. ↗


I also write about design & sometimes organize workshops as a Figma Advocate for FoF Oxford, (previously FoF Hyderabad) trying to do my small part in helping the design community grow.


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